Hello and welcome to the second course in the series of courses. 

I’m Tim Johnson,

This time round I want to talk about Logistics.

Welcome to an introduction to Integrated Logistic Support (ILS). 

During this series of courses you will notice that I do not mention any of the international standards that cover Integrated Logistic Support.  The reason for this is I liken this to learning to drive a car. Learning the skill of driving a car does not depend on any rules of the road or constraints. it does not matter which side of the car the steering wheel is fitted nor which language the road signs are in. 

You learn to drive a car first. the application of the rules of the road and understanding the signs comes later, you have to have the skills to drive to get to a road sign. Different rules of the road does not stop someone who learnt to drive in the UK from driving a car in the USA, Australia or China.​